Learning log update Friday 29th September

Hi all,

Big thanks for all of the very kind donations for our Harvest Festival celebrations this week - all of the food is going to homeless people all around the city so it's for a very worthy cause!

In literacy this week, we have been creating our very own World War 2 poems in celebration of National Poetry Day yesterday. The children have been watching and listening to WW2 footage (suitable for children) and have written effective noun phrases and similes. They have also enjoyed listening to a variety of poetry, including Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen.

Maths has been all about additions and subtractions using mental methods - which is also our homework this week. Using mental methods have been really good for speeding up recall and using known number facts to help. We can begin using more formal methods written down next week for trickier numbers.

Science last week saw us 'experimenting' with magnets and finding out what is and isn't magnetic in the classroom. Here's a picture of Emily, Zak and Alfie trying the magnets out!

Please remember - books ready to change AND indoor/outdoor PE kits ready on Tuesdays.
                            - maths homework due on Thursdays.

                                                              Have a lovely weekend!