Happy 'Feet' 2018!

Good Sunday afternoon to you all,

IT's a little late to say it but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that you had a great Christmas break and the batteries are recharged and ready for a shorter and snappier Spring term - lots to do in only 9 short weeks now.

We are continuing our winter wonderland and getting stuck into some great geography learning - all about penguins and their dangerous habitat in Antarctica. Here are some extra facts about penguins for 3MW to impress friends and family with.

Penguins are absolutely my favourite animals - They are so tough and resilient, brave the harsh winters of the South Pole and still look cute and cuddly!

Image result for penguins

And just like these emperor penguins, we are all in this together braving the cold and looking out for each other! Please remember that if you need me about anything school related, I'm only a phone call or an email way. 

See you on Monday for week 2!

Mr Woods