OUT OF THS WORLD LAUNCH DAY Wednesday 21st February 2018

The whole school prepped their passports and jetted off on an around-the-world trip yesterday!

3MW began their day in the "land of ice and fire" Iceland and learnt about volcanoes and created some Jackson Pollock artwork! We also learnt that Icelandic people eat special hotdogs and svid - or boiled sheep's head!

They then made the journey to the rainforests of Brazil. We made some animals using pieces of paper and we made masks of animals that live in the rainforests.

Then a short flight up to North America. We made the the American flag or the "stars and stripes". We also did some cheerleading with Miss Pinder.

Next we crossed the North Atlantic Ocean to Ancient Greece in Year 6. In Miss Barrell's class, we studied the greek alphabet and created a collage.
In Mr Storr's, we created a wreath and looked at Greek myths.

Before returning back home to Iceland!

"We were just like explorers!" - Alfie

"It was super!" - Lola 

"We had lots of fun" - Izzy M

"In Mr Storr's class we learnt about monsters and myths" - Roxi

"My favourite bit was the masks in Brazil" - Chloe

"My favourite bit was the cheerleading because it was a fun routine" - Sienna 

"When we was making Icelandic paintings it was really fun" - Gethin